Professional Development

Belittle and Be Little

Belittle and Be Little by Dona Bonnett On the highway, I passed a little Church marquee recently that read “Belittle and Be Little”. This message really spoke to me in a big way. What a profound message in those four little words. They spoke of kindness, compassion and positive consideration for another person. Living in…

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Time Management: Balancing Our Time in a Virtual World

Time Management: Balancing Our Time in a Virtual World In this age, we are all busy.  So many things are competing for our time and many of them are good things. We all need a balance of work, family, religion and recreation to be healthy and happy.  When every moment counts, one of the most…

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Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything  When it comes to successes or failures in life, Attitude is everything.  Your life, personally and professionally, depends on a positive mental attitude.   Your attitude determines how you will approach every event, opportunity and adversity.  The outcome of every moment of your life is directly associated and affected by your attitude.…

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